The Place of COMPASSION in our Preaching

  I sat where they sat (Ezekiel 3;15). EzekieL 'Strength of GOD' and strong he was, He went to Tel Abib and sat where the people sat  for seven days in silence. To learn and discover their ways. Before he could preach and warn he had to perfect the Word in him. It is easy for the preacher to say what's on his mind instantaneously and in quick response, just take a look at Facebook many are quick to right what they see as wrong yet will not take the time to sit and wait in order to understand and connect to those to whom he is sent. Ezekiel was sit where they sat in order to learn about them what he did not know. Oh how easy it is to be quick to preach too yet slow to consider and show respect or love.  Many shut theIr eyes yet open wide their lips. Its easier to hurt rather than connect and restore. its easier to defend ones faith than win a soul. they indulge in sever truth telling as if its a medal to display. forgetting that the master on the cross displayed love that wo

God is Doing It...Can You See It?

 Behold I make all things New The new year came and gone, well the one day we call new year day, came and gone, Man was filled with hope and vision as indeed the world is at this time, where we express our optimism and share our hope of a better tomorrow. Of course it is but another day, Nature does not take another path, the sun does not stop shining, the morning follows the night, just as it always has. the moon and stars appear and disappear as they always have. I fear that in our routine we miss the remarkable. Nature all around us expresses the remarkable faithfulness of God. Nature in fact announces God's faithfulness and its newness every day. To God every day is a new day. Lamemtations 3 'his mercies never fail, they are new every morning, great is they faithfulness.' just a look up and we will see the faithfulness of God in offering new opportunities on a daily basis to us mere man. The ringing out of the new and the bringing in of the new is our own idea of course

Where are the MOTIVATORS

  SELF HELP AND SUCCESS IN THE PULPIT I see many complaints about today’s preachers who preach success, prosperity in if preaching these things dumbs down the gospel. I believe that MOTIVATIONAL preaching has its place. ARE ALL APOSTLES? (1 COR 12;29-31) I think preaching on success  and prosperity in life is as much the pastors responsibility as it is preaching salvation holiness. The pastor has to be a motivator, and preach motivational, as much as he preaches doctrine and doctrinally. If a man preaches all doctrine and standards then folks have no practical standards by which to hold onto and follow. Teaching that is not practical and real cannot be embraced no matter how deep it is. Don't mistake holiness  for Godliness. Oftentimes legalistic rules are of the flesh. Spiritual things can be of the flesh. Motivational based sermons make adventurers, risk takers, mountain movers people with a can-do spirit. Motivation based teaching can give us the drive and energy to to m

Gods Pattern and Plan for Healing

 Build according to PATTERN (Numbers 21:7-9). Now all these things happened to them as examples , and they were written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the ages have come. (1 Cor 10;11) or  'types.' Who serve the copy and shadow of the heavenly things, as Moses was divinely instructed when he was about to make the tabernacle. For He said, “See that you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the mountain.” (Heb 5;8). All things were given for our admonition In.all things showing thyself  a pattern of good works; in doctrine, showing uncorruptness, gravity,sincerity (Titus 2;7) There is a pattern of healing in the bible from Moses to Paul, divine healing and divine health being available in the old covenant under the law and being made available to the saints today under grace. Under the ministry of Jesus it was commanded and under the ministry of the apostles it was practiced. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely

Apostolic Barrier Breakers

Every winner finds a barrier between him and the finish line.  The barrier be it a wall or mountain  exists to present to you the requirement’s for greatness. The requirements have to be discovered, you have to hit a brick wall, you have to get writers block, you have to experience the point of quitting.  Only then can we see what is required of a winner. Its at this point you have to educate yourself with information others know not of, then you can do what others cannot do. You have to disciover what separates you from failure and connects you to success. Jesus was at the finish line, he had to fight a battle no one else could fight and no one else could win, a fist of its kind, no one else had arrived at this point before, no one else could, take on this task, yet he could and the scriptures tells us that “he went one step  further'  matthew 26:39 ) Ask yourself what’s my limit today, what’s my brick wall? Whats my next step? What steps have I yet to take that have not taken bef

Enjoying the Expansiveness of the Apostolic

 Much of facebook is in a rut. a big rut. Apostolics speak of two things the end of the world and debate with others regarding he trinity, neither of such are purely defending the faith. There is more to our faith than end times which always takes ona negative tone and the wrongfulness of the trinity. I think about the many things we dont speak about. Faith, miracles, divine healing, delverance, the kingdom here and now, dominion, success in life and ministry and a host of other topics that would keep our faith fresh and interesting. The secret of the early apostles was that they could do just that. Keep their faith fresh and interesting! Signs and wonders accompanied the word and they won cities and nations to the faith. Their faith imapcted the lives of countless souls, why we today fail to imapct our neighborhoods let alone cites and nations and we have technology and global acess too. Its not that we are not focused  its more than that. Many are focused on the wrong things, debates

Creating a Culture of Celebration

 Countries have climates, so do churches, Every church has a culture, every culture has a climate. Cites attract people or keep people away. people go on vocation every years to the warmer climates, they go there to enjoy themselves and get in a country what they wouldn’t get back home

. The same with church people will come to your fellowship when you offer an atmosphere of celebration, people enjoy a great atmosphere and atmospheres are created by words, words of praise, words of thanks to the lord, words of life from the preacher. If you want to build an energetic church you have to preach Life speak life and live life, to be a culture changing church
, Creating a culture is then is one of the first dynamics that the congregation has to understand. It's the "way we do things around here." Some churches are so silent, its hard to get an amen. silence rules the service, shout hallelujah, speak in tongues and you’re quickly rebuked by the silent disapproval, other church